(your experience) + (the presence of God) = ENOUGH

Friends, may I just say that I have been in way over my head these past weeks? Between a fire threatening our community and the evacuation of all of our animals, getting things in line for the academic year, preparation for the county fair with our 4H kiddos, and the normal, everyday busy life of raising four children it has been insane.

Like four hours of sleep each night, I’m tired like I’m nursing a baby on a growth spurt kind of insane.

I looked at this blog and realized it’s literally been weeks since I’ve updated. I’m so sorry for that! I also can’t promise it won’t happen in the future as much as my goal is to publish something every day!

Because, I’m going to let you in on a little secret:

I love you all. But I love my family more.

So there.

In the midst of all this crazy run, run, run I’ve been experiencing, I watched the most wonderful sermon ever. It was delivered by pastor Craig Groeschel of Life Church, which is the church we attended live when we lived in Oklahoma and now tune into online for “sofa church” on a weekly basis.

The sermon series is titled “Anxious for Nothing” and my friends – if you have found yourself ever struggling with anxiety, or if you’re in a leadership role and have felt the rub of expectation versus capability… Part One, When You’ve Had Enough is a sermon you NEED to take 40 minutes and watch!

There are so many takeaways from this sermon I could go on and on. But let me share the phrase that has been giving me comfort all week as I battle the insecurity of “can I really homeschool this year?!” “what about the stuff I don’t know I don’t know?!” and so forth.

It’s a little mathematical equation:

(your experience) + (the presence of God) = ENOUGH

We all come into whatever situation with the Life Experiences to bring us to this point. Good, bad, or ugly, we wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t been led here by previous choices. Those choices inform us and our abilities on a daily basis.

When we take what is already in us and add in the Presence of God… dude, that’s where the phenomenal happens! The seeking of the Lord’s will, the pursuit of things that will bring God glory… these are the things that transform our ordinary, human efforts into something WAY beyond what we can accomplish in our frailty.

And you know what? In the way that brings glory straight to God? The combination of what we bring to the table plus the desire to be used by God creates a situation where whatever is being done… it’s enough.

It’s going to meet the needs.

It’s going to touch the lives that need to be touched.

It’s going to expose the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness we crave.


Not on our own strength. And really – not perfection, ever. Perfection isn’t the goal though, glory to God is the goal. And remember – He is made great in our weakness!

So that’s all I have to say about that. Praying for you all as you step into this coming week!

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