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For several years I have had one day of the week where I just struggle to get out of the house on time. All the kids, yours truly, and the miscellaneous art and science supplies needed for our school day in community tend to conspire against me for a delayed exit from the house.

This morning, as I was scrolling through my Facebook memories, I discovered all the way back in 2015 I asked my friends about how they manage getting out of the house early with their children fed. Re-reading their comments was a refreshing walk down memory lane – and I’m now going to be re-incorporating their ideas to help streamline our mornings again!

So, if you, too, have days where you need to get out of the house with everyone fed and clothed (yep – my child went to her grandparents for dinner last night not wearing any pants… I have no plausible explanation for this but clearly I need all the help I can get…) then this might be the blog post of ideas for you!

Breakfast Ideas for a Quick Getaway

Breakfast Burritos. Breakfast burritos figured largely on the recommendations from my friends for meals. They can be made and frozen, then warmed at 250* in the oven for a tasty, warm meal that doesn’t need plates or utensils to consume!

Smoothies. Smoothies were also a crowd favorite. They can be filled with all sorts of yummy ingredients or as simple as you choose. Our family is a big fan of Kern’s nectar, frozen fruit, kale, and plain yogurt.

Banana Pancakes. My friend Jessica described her go-to: Banana Pancakes. “I make banana pancakes and freeze them. They are sweet enough you don’t need any syrup, peanut butter, etc. I just take ripe bananas, add egg and oatmeal until I get the desired consistency, and cook like a normal pancake. I put in baggies and freeze – only about 30 seconds n the microwaves (or toasted) and you have a healthy, protein, flour-free breakfast.”

Breakfast Balls. Who doesn’t love a little bite of power? Here is a link to 8 different no-bake energy ball recipes.

Muffins. The muffin is having a moment – probably because they’re incredibly versatile! Here’s a link to 32 different Breakfast Muffin recipes! We love our banana muffins and I’m ready to try some oatmeal applesauce muffins now too!

Chai Seed Pudding. My friend Mindy just introduced me to this Chia Seed Pudding and it’s pretty fabulous with blueberries on top!

Baked Oatmeal. Did you know you can bake oatmeal in a crockpot overnight?! It’s so yummy and everyone can serve themselves when they wake up! This recipe includes baking it in the oven, but follow it until cooking, drop it in the crockpot overnight, and bam! you’ve got breakfast covered with no extra effort!

Egg Muffins. Did you know that you can make Egg McMuffins at home? And they’re a LOT cheaper? Toasted english muffin, eggs cooked in the microwave, a slice of cheese and a slice of Canadian bacon and suddenly you have something delicious! You can cook the egg and put it all together the night before, then pop in the oven at 250* for about 20 minutes and you have a hand-held treat that’s great for the car.

Quiche Muffins. Pull out your muffin tin, crack some eggs, add some diced ham, cheese, etc. and pop them in the oven to cook while you shower or get everything else put together! Voila! A self-contained egg

What are your favorite quick breakfast ideas?!

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