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I don’t know if you can relate, but I’m living in a house with lots of feels. 

Like Lots. Of. Feels. 

We have a teen, a pre-teen, a moody middle schooler and a tiny tyrant in the house and at any time one of them blows up and goes a little cray-cray. 

And if that weren’t enough there are my own emotions that sometimes require attention and/or a time out in solitary. 

So a tool that we have started learning to use when we feel all the big feels are essential oils. It’s gotten to the point where I literally carry these oils around with me because I need to have easy / emergency access. 

Here are the big ones we take wherever we go:

Young Living’s Stress Away

Young Living’s Stress Away is a Lifesaver for me!

I’m not sure how I got my first bottle of Young Living Stress Away but I have very clear memories of when I knew I should never be without it: 


Oh a trip to the Magic Kingdom is certainly magical and unforgettable but it also brings a whole new layer of stress. People – loads of people! – touching and jostling and children who like to wander and lick the walls and it’s just a nightmare. 

I threw Stress Away in my purse when we went to Disneyland and used it religiously. I could feel my tension go down almost immediately after applying it and it certainly helped me not make the memories of the magical kingdom less than magical for my family members!

BeeYOUtiful’s ProMiSe

A friend of mine turned me on to BeeYOUtiful products almost a decade ago and I use a bunch of them. They’re an excellent quality essential oil and their prices reflect the direct to consumer model. 

My very favorite blend they have is ProMiSe. Do you see what they do with the capital letters there? So clever, right?! 

When I’m putting up with my own or – ahem – my children’s – hormonal hijinks I always turn to ProMiSe. We dab it on our wrists and have pretty much immediate lessening of the squirrelly-anxious feelings in our household.

Bach’s Sweet Chestnut

This oil, which I find in Sprouts or Natural Grocers in my area, is another go-to with the big emotion attacks. A single drop under our tongues produces calm and a renewed optimism. We usually use it in conjunction with the other oils I’m mentioning and, while it doesn’t have the best of flavors, it certainly does have the ability to work wonders for our family

Evening Primrose Oil

There are so many producers of Evening Primrose Oil it’s ridiculous. I pick mine up from WalMart or Target usually – and I take a horse pill of it when I suddenly realize that the children have scattered in fear of my furious frenzy over something like flour on the floor or a milk jug with two sips left in it put back in the refrigerator. (Can they not see that they need to just finish it?! That there’s not enough left for anyone else to find it useful?! Why don’t they see these things?!)

I learned about Evening Primrose Oil right out of college and have been using it for hormonal support for all this time. 

It’s been a long time. A really, shockingly long time. 

I’ve never had an adverse affect taking it. And I have recommended it to many over the year who now consider it a savior. It’s really good stuff.

Young Living’s EndoFlex

About a year ago I began to suspect I was suffering from adrenal fatigue. I had all the symptoms and it seemed quite likely considering the stress of our normal day-to-day life as well as some pretty big emotional upheavals that had occurred. 

It just so happened that the smartest person about essential oils that I know in real life was sitting next to me in a class one day and I said, “Are there any essential oils that can help with adrenal fatigue?”

She is sooo incredible! Within hours I had links to research and testimonials from people to read. She also handed me a bottle of Endoflex and encouraged me to put it on my adrenal glands, feet, and thyroid every morning and night.

“Try it for a week and see how you feel,” she said. 

Within the week I had reactivated my Young Living membership and purchased my own bottle of Endoflex. It has changed me. 

I know that sounds silly to say about an oil but guys… I hadn’t been sleeping much at all. I started using Endoflex and I was able to almost double what little sleep I got. I felt hopeful instead of low all the time. I didn’t react as sharply toward those around me.

I’ve been consistently using this oil morning and night for 8 months now and I don’t ever want to be without it. It was the first step of the turning tide into wellness for me – and while that’s a journey I’m still on and will be for awhile – Endoflex has been a constant companion. 

I use it topically as well as a drop in my ice water most days. When conversations get tense between my husband and I we stop and apply Endoflex and we can communicate better. I’ve seen my children go from red faced angry to calm after breathing it while counting to 100. 

Sounds ridiculous. I know. 

But it’s for real and true in my own experience.

Essential oils for everyday living

Many of these oils we consider essential can be found with just regular buying or ordering, but if you want to try Young Living oils it makes much more sense to sign up as a distributor. (FYI, you don’t have to host parties or sell anything. I mean, you certainly can do those things, but I just purchase the oils I need when I need them for my own family or as gifts to people who need a little oil lovin’.)

If you aren’t already connected with Young Living and would like to try these oils out out, here’s a sign up link that is a referral for me. I’m not the most knowledgeable, but I can say that the team I’ve lucked into is sooo helpful for education and “no pressure, just use the oils and love them and share how they work for you.” They’re so good I can recommend that you choose to work and learn with them if you’re doing it at all! 

So that’s my little blurb about essential oils and how we use them to manage the hormones and big feels in our house. Do you use essential oils? Do you have particular favorites?!

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