Burns and Romance?

“Though the candle of romance can cause third-degree burns, its gentle warmth is the best way to heat a pot of cuddle chowder.”

What?!  How can this be an actual advertisement?

This was the lead of a Groupon I received today for a bed and breakfast.  The package was a couples massage, one night’s stay and breakfast in bed, which sounds pretty nice.

However, trying to lure me in by conjuring up the image of third degree burns is not the most successful strategy in my mind.

I scrolled all the way through the coupon ad to see if there would be a punch line, but unfortunately, there was not.  Whoever wrote this copy meant it to be taken seriously.

It reminds me of the classic, “This tastes awful! Wanna bite?”

What about you? Does the idea of a third degree burn bring you a hint of romance?

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