Have you ever wished you knew what decision to make?  Have you ever been caught in a situation with several good choices and not known what to do?  Your days of indecision are behind you!

Introducing the Life-O-Matic, a revolutionary machine that scientifically evaluates potential outcomes and immediately advises you on the absolutely perfect decision for you!

Let other people wonder if their decision will eventually lead them to living in a box down by the river or a 5,000 square foot mansion complete with guard dogs and laundry elves!  You won’t have to wonder – you have the Life-O-Matic!  Just input the type of decision you need to make, adjust for variables, and within moments you will have an accurate, conclusive reading of what decision is best suited to your individual long- term goals!

Not sure whether they’re the one?  Is now the right time to try for that baby?  Is this job the best choice for me?  Should I move to that city?  What school should my kids attend? Should I take early retirement?  Should I make this investment?  Is the dog ready to be put down?  

With just a few easy computations the Life-O-Matic will let you know, based on proven, tested designs, what decision will let you live your best life – NOW!

The Life-O-Matic offers features for everyone.  Christian?  Buddist?  Hindu? Agnostic? The Life-O-Matic’s easy to use interface will allow you to choose your spiritual faith base so your decisions align correctly with your values.  Male?  Female?  Yet again, the Life-O-Matic will allow you to input your gender and base calculations on the path that will be best for your gender and produce the most success according to your life-long goals!

Have you ever struggled with a difficult decision and wished life came with an instruction manual?  Well, wish no more!  The Life-O-Matic comes with a simple, easy-to-read instruction manual for your life!

Why are you waiting?!  Order the Life-O-Matic now and you will receive, free with purchase, a Will-Wand!

The Will-Wand is a special instrument that allows you to bend the will of those around you to fit to your personal, Life-O-Matically-designed plan!

Rambunctious children? Rebellious teenagers?  Demanding spouse?  Irritating boss?  These troubles are behind you!  

With a wave of the Will-Wand you have the power to make everyone do what you want, when you want, all to the specifications of you Life-O-Matic plan.

Act now and discover the answer to the questions of life you’ve always wondered!

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3 thoughts on “Life-O-Matic

  • May 18, 2011 at 11:05 am

    Don’t we all wish!! 😀

  • May 22, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Sometimes getting that personal revelation and guidance can take real effort and time. But I’m so grateful to know God is real, and that he does guide and direct me in the small and large decisions of life.


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