Trailing Gluttony

Houston, we have a problem.

There, in the midst of packing, we learned an important lesson about gluttony – namely, it is a moving disaster if the moving trailer doesn’t actually fit all of the items you’ve called your own.

I cannot get over the amazingness of the people who helped us move and pack today.  They were there – which was in itself awesome! – and they worked so hard.  Good people, we’re certainly going to miss them very much.

In addition to being confronted with how our family has expanded far beyond what is necessary for living, I found myself talking about gluttony earlier in the day and realized I have some feelings about this topic that are pretty strong.  Then I started feeling all judgmental and wondering if I needed to rethink my position.

I’ll pose the conundrum to you:

Let’s say the pastor at your church is struggling with sexual sin.  In many churches the pastor would be encouraged to step away from leadership until the struggle is under control or absent from their life.

If your youth pastor was convicted for stealing, chances are they would be asked to take a step away from their leadership position until the situation was resolved and genuine repentance was obvious.

So, those are struggles that deal with two of the “Big 10”, my question is, why don’t we bat an eye when we see a pastor so fat their skin looks like it’s about to explode off of their body?  Why does gluttony get a free pass – or even encouragement if you consider the hotdog eating contests that are a staple of many youth group activities.

Just a thought… don’t know why I’m sharing it except that it’s after midnight, we’ve been packing all day, our stuff isn’t going to fit in the big trailer so we have to get another, and I’m just so tired I want to cry.

On the flip side, I also to state how happy I am I have bought plastic tubs to move since I was in college and then saved them after each move – by now we have an enormous plastic tub motherlode.

A motherlode which can’t fit into our trailer, but that’s beside the point.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll tell you about the crazy time at the Kiddie Park with Uno and Dos but tonight my body is demanding cleanliness and sleep.

Thanks for sticking with me – my humor will reassert itself sometime, I’m sure.

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One thought on “Trailing Gluttony

  • October 22, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    Ooo! Ooo! I so agree!! It’s one of those things that has become politically incorrect to condemn. I think that gluttony is closely related to hoarding as well. Both issues could be connected to a lack of trust in God’s provision? Or maybe selfishness? Or greed? I am trying to be free from my own issues of that nature. Mainly the “too much stuff” issue. :/


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