Party in the Front

Well, it’s a done deal.  I finally committed.

After all the agonizing you’ve put up with over the last week or so I’m pleased to announce I finally just cut my hair.

We went to the Big City for a few days and it was only 110+ degrees and I thought, “With balmy weather like this, who wouldn’t want a nice haircut?”

I discussed ad nauseam with Lizard what it would look like and we had lunch with a good friend who was also willing to take part in the intensely exciting discussion of how to cut my hair.  Finally we all decided on the right cut: a Reverse Mullet.

The Mullet is an art form I became familiar with living in Oklahoma.  It still surprises me that people still choose, willingly, to wear the mullet. 

I’ll be the first to admit, women who wear mullets make me suspicious and uneasy – surely in the years it took to grow the length of hair to their bottom someone discussed the truth that 1″ bangs aren’t necessarily a great combination with 3′ of thin hair strands hanging down their back?  And yet they ignored the well-intentioned advice. 

What else might they be ignoring in the area of personal hygeine or life choices??

The adults, well, they’re adults and they do have the right to choose what they like. 

But when I see a mullet on a kid, well, I just feel badly because you know that’s a hairstyle that will haunt them forever.

First dates?  The photos will come out and there it is – the proudly-worn mullet combined with a missing front tooth.

I think it’s a vague form of child abuse, because, you know kids don’t have any taste for themselves and need gentle adult guidance to make it through live. 

(This is proven every day when my ruffians create outfits of splendor composed of ballet skirts, gymnastic attire, sparkly wands and tennis shoes!  Of course, I let them go out in these outfits as well, so maybe someone should be calling the Department of Public Safety on me for cruel and unusual punisment.)

But back to the important stuff, i.e. my haircut, we decided to go original: party in the Front, all business in the Back.

For a better visual that doesn’t sound quite so bad, you could also Google “Halle Berry pixie cut.”  I’m nowhere near as beautiful as Halle Berry, but we can all aspire to be Miss America in a democracy, can’t we???

I slunk into a “Walk-Ins Welcome” salon because, let’s face it, I have no idea when the three hours of free time necessary for primping will appear in my life.  “K” became my stylist, which may have been the neatest gift in quite a while.

She had some blue hair which made me happy.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t all blue, some was purple, too!

We spent a beautiful few hours together and she talked me into coloring my hair, but the most relevant piece of information to this venue of priceless wisdom: the No Poo is worth doing.

 The agonizing is over!  Not only have several of you responded you practice a mixed system of No Poo, a trained professional recommended No Poo!  K said shampoo is extremely drying and she personally only shampoos every 7-10 days.

Don’t you feel like your world has expanded?

She suggested baby powder on the roots if your hair gets oily and – get this – Sweet n’ Low dissolved in water to help your scalp feel less dirty.

So, there you have it.  An update on the most important things in life, namely, my haircut, and newfound validation that you can cut your shampoo budget safely.

If you want to thank me for this life changing information, please let me know… I accept gift cards, cash and wisdom.

The End.

P.S.  We’re moving today!  Hurray!

P.P.S.  We left the Ruffians with the grandparents.  Boo!  But Hurray!  (I feel conflicted on this one.)

What’s the best piece of beauty advice you’ve received?  (Feel free to rate this post and share it with your friends.  Or, if this one didn’t strike your fancy, take a look at the favorite posts you’ve voted on before.  Remember the post about XXX…. yeah, that was fun, too.)

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