Lame Four

I’ve been writing a post in my head all day about the things I learned at the county fair. (Because we celebrated Dos’ birthday with a strong dose of Ferris Wheel, animal husbandry and expensive food.)

It involves my germophobia, getting sunburned, llamas completing an obstacle course, and the Republican National Committee.

But then we left the fair, started in on the birthday celebration for Dos, and our cookout for 19 people was rained out so we all crunched into the mousehole.

Despite Herculean efforts from all involved, it has been a long, tiring day where we expended a lot of effort.

My baby is officially four…

My body is tired but now cleansed from the germs of the county fair…

My cup runneth over because my family and friends are amazing…

But if I try too much harder to do anything, even writing, I may die.

(I probably will soon, anyway, because my side is still hurting. It may be a pulled abdominal muscle or it may be appendicitis. I’m gonna go with appendicitis so my paranoia will be happy.)

As lame as it is, I’m going to leave this post just the way it is: grateful to be present.

But just you wait, the carnies are taking over tomorrow!

What are some of your favorite county fair memories?

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