Why Are We So Sorry?!


Every time I check the stats for the website I am stunned by the sheer number of people who are searching “I’m Sorry.”


They find my post about How to Say I’m Sorry and I hope it makes their day a little bit brighter, but I keep shaking my head and asking myself:


What on earth are we so sorry about?! Do we just feel sorrier around the holidays?


I’ll tell you a few things I’m sorry about.


I’m sorry I ever rubbed that turkey’s cavity and separated its skin from its flesh to stick lemon slices and butter rub in there. The turkey tasted delicious but I don’t know that a 59¢/lbs. special will ever sway me to purchase another turkey. Both Tom and I have been traumatized.


I am truly sorry I have an addiction to Coca Cola.


I’m sorry for every undeserved, harsh word I’ve spoken to my family that came from a place of short-temperedness and selfishness on my part.


I’m sorry I have difficulty finding the joy and genuine gratitude in every day. I’m sorry I take so much for granted.


I’m terribly sorry for the fans of professional football who think it’s A-OK to dress up in the clothing they wear to show support for their teams. I hope it makes them feel a great deal of satisfaction – it just burns my retinas.


I’m sorry I don’t do more to see and meet the needs of the people around me. I’m sorry compassion is a learned skill, rather than one that comes naturally to me.


I’m sorry we switched the dogs food and it’s caused them to have nostril-burning stench escape from their bottomus.


It’s not an exhaustive list, there are many things I am sorry for. I don’t believe thoughtful people can live their lives with no regret. That’s a lovely bumper sticker or sound bite, but, in my opinion, regret comes naturally as we bump around and learn our way through the world and gain wisdom.


(Lord help me if I stayed as stupid at 35 as I was at 15! I’m grateful for the opportunities to make better choices when situations come around again!)


To all who found this blog because you’re sorrowful, I’m sending redemption your way. I hope whatever you’re sorry about will be forgiven in the human sense (and I offer a gentle reminder that your sorriness can always be forgiven in the Godly sense if you ask).


Do you live a life of “no regret”? Or do you have things that you’re sorry for as well?

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