Why’d You Hit Her? I Wanted To.


Let’s have a cheer for the complete randomness of boys!




I know I’m sliding a slippery slope when I start talking about guys because, well, I’m not a guy. Missing some of the basic plumbing and such.


But all plumbing issues aside, there is a distinct difference in the way boys and girls relate to the world.


Tonight we had Bible Study. We love our group. Our group loves kids. Between seven families there are almost 30 kids. Odds are, every time we get together there’s going to be a bit of drama.


Uno and Dos have already decided they have true loves and they’re going to marry such and such little boys. When they tell us these things we tell them that’s nice but at this age they need to be focussed on friendships and not worry about the romance until they can do something about it.


Like when they’re 35 or so.


Tonight Uno came to me in tears because a certain little boy hit her in the arm. Twice. The same little boy had her riled a few weeks ago when he told her she wasn’t smart because she couldn’t count to 100 yet.


(She learned to count to 100 the next day. I love her competitive spirit!)


Tonight he hit her in the arm and — gasp!  — told her Dolphin Tale wasn’t a real story!


Our little drama queen exploded into tears. I told her to stop playing with him. There were plenty of friends to be around and she could tell him she didn’t like him hitting her and walk away.


On the way home I asked her some questions to get the details of exactly what happened. Lizard heard the whole story.


As I was thinking about how to handle the situation Lizard says to me, “Sounds like he has a crush on her.”


You could have knocked me over with a feather. A crush?! The boy who has ridiculed her, pelted her with Nerf balls and drives her crazy? A crush?!


“That’s what I would do if I were that age and I thought someone was cute. I’d knock them down. And when they asked me why I did that I’d say, ‘I don’t know. I wanted to.'”


And this, folks is general proof in the Mars/Venus philosophy. Boys are really, really strange. And then they grow up to be husbands.


I’m grateful he didn’t knock me down to prove his love. Wow.


What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen little boys and girls do when they have crushes?

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One thought on “Why’d You Hit Her? I Wanted To.

  • January 27, 2012 at 7:24 am

    I have to say Lizard is correct that the boy has a crush and you are correct that this is strange behavior. When I was younger I was teased all the time by these boys that lived between our house and my grandparents. When I would ride my bike past their trailer park they would see me coming down the road walk towards me with teasing rude remarks that drive me crazy to this day. “is that your grandma’s bike” “did your mother forget to tell you to comb your hair today we can see your huge forehead” “Try ridding a little faster or can’t you on your bananna seat”. Yes the distance was exactly 9/10 of a mile that I had to ride and I dreaded every inch of it. Until the city got rid of the trailer park that is 🙂 a few years out of high school after I relocated out of state and came back for a visit I ran into one of the teasing boys and he had seemed to have matured a bit and had actually had a real conversation with me as well as asked if I wanted to go to some party with him. I was very happy to tell him that my friends and I already had other plans for that evening. He told me that it was too bad as he had always liked me just didn’t know how to say it. I just told him sorry it didn’t work out and I turned back to join my friends. I have to say I think the teasing is what kept me away from dating through school as I always figured dating anyone in our small town would result in being teased at some point so I choose to just avoid it. I am very grateful that my husband did just the opposite when we met, he was the perfect gentelman and said only nice complimentary things to me prior to asking me out, he daily tells me I am beautiful and it melts my heart everytime. I find it very interesting to see and hear about little boy/girl interactions and watch them grow up to see how things change, it gives an interesting perspective on my own past experience and just makes me want to be able to tell your little girls to ignore the hitting teasing boys and wait for the nice polite intelligent ones to come along. Thanks for sharing.


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