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I just spent about five minutes explaining to Lizard I was going directly to bed and not going to blog tonight because I had nothing to say.


And yet, here I am.


I’m not going to offer my usual commentary, laced with sarcasm. But I am going to share a quote I came across about a week ago that has rattled around in my head:


“Everyone thinks that courage is about facing death without flinching. But almost anyone can do that. Almost anyone can hold their breath and not scream for as long as it takes to die. True courage is facing life without flinching. I don’t mean the times when the right path is hard, but glorious at the end. I’m talking about enduring the boredom, and the messiness, and the inconvenience of doing what is right.” Robin Hobb, Mad Ship


There you go, my deep thought for the evening, stolen from an author of a great science fiction fantasy series.


And now, I’m definitely going straight to bed because I have nothing to say.


Does this quote make you think of anything in particular? Do you find it hopeful or depressing?

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