Weekly Top 5 (6.2.19)

The Top 5 Posts that Brought You Here this Week

This week has been a slow week for me for publishing. I apologize if you’ve been waiting for updates and they haven’t come! I also imagine you’ll probably recover from your disappointment quickly… ha!

Regardless, there will be new posts soon! And in the meantime, here they are, the posts that brought visitors to this spot over the last week:

  1. Stinky Kombucha & the Emperor’s Clothes. “In order to go public with concerns, a leader has to be willing to pay the consequences if things go horribly wrong. BUT… if they stay silent and just quietly fade into the background, wait out the time limitations and don’t make problems… that might feel like the best way to protect their family.”
  2. The Fatties are Coming! “All of this made me wonder: For a feminist-leaning, body-image-awareness spouting, educated woman… how much skinny hype have I gobbled down without awareness? What should my next step be as I adjust my perspective?”
  3. Silence. “May your day have a period of uninterrupted silence… and may that silence not be a time of refreshment rather than an indicator that your kids are trying to flush the cat down the toilet or facepaint using the laundry detergent.”
  4. 5 Questions with a Classical Program Consultant. “I started CPC in January (2019) so I could afford to take time away from my family to gather all my thoughts and experience into materialized documents and webinars in hopes of offering guidance to group leaders in the 3 areas of a program: business, administration, and curriculum. I now have over 100 clients and have realized there is a great need for what I am offering.”
  5. Audit. “If you are stepping into any business, may I suggest it would be a good idea to know what types of records are required in an audit so you can begin with excellent bookkeeping skills at the outset and thus walk forward in confidence?”
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