Swing Vote: My ‘Ol Kentucky Home

The Kentucky Quarter

It was a breezy, snowy day in the mountaintop town when I began to ponder the infinite question: “What next?”


The answer… Swing Vote.


We must learn more about a new place, a place with residents who have never visited StealingFaith.com. These unknown friends need to visit and learn about StealingFaith or their lives will remain unfulfilled, incomplete.


Kentucky, O state shaped like a chicken leg, please come to StealingFaith.com and share your bountiful knowledge!


Right now we’re working on the knowledge you have a region where people are blue from inbreeding. And bluegrass. And bourbon. And a Derby. We need more.


Please, educate us.


Remember the success of previous Swing Votes? We have learned about Maine, North Dakota, Nevada and Montana. We love Maine, North Dakota, Nevada and Montana (and the quirky hilarity they offer for our reading pleasure)!

In the esteemed footsteps of Kevin Costner and the movie Swing Vote, the next three days will be filled with tidbits of information regarding the great state of Kentucky in hopes we can lure a Kentucky resident to visit the site and set us straight, tell us about their homeland, and add to the general well-meaning community of StealingFaith.com.


Go, my friends. Share this post with your friends from Kentucky. Entice them to visit, read, and comment.


We are waiting.


Are you a new visitor to StealingFaith from Kentucky? Please, leave a comment for us with things you love (or love to hate) about your state!

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