The Penguin’s Tooth Fairy

Action has been taken tonight at the Hill house to foil the plans of the thieving Tooth Fairy.

Earlier this afternoon Dos used her own earned money to make a purchase of a cheap, yet valuable penguin necklace.

The necklace, coated in gold that will likely turn her neck green if she flaunts it too often, sports a tiny black and white penguin with a solemn expression and distinctly crossed eyes.

To Dos, the penguin necklace is a significant sign of her financial independence and joy of jewelry ownership.

Sister Uno views the penguin necklace as a personal affront.

Uno found herself in an unfortunate pickle this afternoon during the necklace selection process.  While Dos had money in her pocket to spend on the bauble, Uno realized her previous purchases of gum, lip gloss and a pair of shiny pink earrings had used up her spending money and she could not afford to purchase a necklace of her own.

(In addition to the penguin necklace there were necklaces of a sheep, duck, puppy, cat, pig, kangaroo and koala bear.  Each came packaged in a jewelry box shaped like its particular animal.  Uno preferred the koala necklace and box and could be heard crying about the many beautiful koala attributes from the back seat of the Suburban after announcing her heart was broken by her lack of purchase power and that she was, “Absolutely NOT JEALOUS of the penguin necklace” her sister was wearing.)

Uno’s jealous broken-heartedness regarding the necklace purchasing power – or lack thereof – morphed into a fear that a literal green-eyed monster was about to open the car door and step right into the vehicle for our ride home.

We’re still working on the difference between fiction and non-fiction in our family.  (She’s only five! Leave us alone!  It’s impressive enough to me that she knows how to say fiction and non-fiction and can give you the real definition of “nocturnal” when you ask!!)

(Uno also spent a decent amount of time quizzing me on the eating habits of Santa Claus.  He eats only cookies, milk, and carrot sticks, just in case you were wondering.)

Dos’ fictitious figment is not the green-eyed monster or Santa Claus.  Nope, instead she reserves her deepest suspicion for the Tooth Fairy.

I know this because when I took the necklace off of her neck and put it in her hand at bedtime she requested to place it under her pillow but then paused, very concerned.

“Will the Tooth Fairy take my necklace?” Dos asked with worry and accusation.  “I don’t want her to take my penguin!”

I explained that as the penguin was not made of teeth – or even enamel! – it was likely that her necklace would still be under the pillow in the morning.

While she settled down with that advice it turns out that the Tooth Fairy is a little more suspicious than originally promoted.  When Lizard came into the bedroom to say goodnight she pulled the penguin necklace out from under her pillow and asked him to keep it safe from the Tooth Fairy in his pocket.

Do you know of any little ones who are scared or suspicious of the Tooth Fairy?

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