Bed of Nails

If you stopped by tonight for a dose of the scintillating and fun, well, I need to let you know we’re fresh out.

In fact, I’m so tired right now that if my bed were actually composed of nails like the ancient Indian mystics used, I would probably hunker right in and snooze ’til morning.

The source of my exhaustion is the 17 hour journey with Stella to get to the hospital where my mom had emergency heart surgery.  This morning, the day after completing the journey, my children woke up at dawn which I’m going to take as a clear indication that Satan roams the Earth.

My eyes are closing as I write this, so, I beg for your forgiveness, but I will be rushing toward mediocrity tonight.

See you tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Bed of Nails

  • May 16, 2011 at 11:40 pm

    Take care and rest up.. if the kids will let you… let your mom know she is in our prayers


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