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Have you ever been at a party full of people you know a little better than average but not really, really well and the music’s kind of loud and you are standing too close to someone to be there without starting a conversation but you don’t really know what to say but you also realize the conversation is never going to start unless you take one for the team and just blurt something out?

Yeah, that’s how I feel about StealingFaith tonight.

I don’t know what it means that I feel like I have a relationship with my blog, but there you have it. Chalk another one up to the complexity of my brain. (And we know there are many chalk marks on that there black board.)

So… let me strike up a conversation with you by giving you a little of what’s on my mind. (And I’ve already proven I don’t always use discretion when randomly talking to vague acquaintances.)

1. Single parenting is really not such a fun thing. My dearly beloved is out of town on a job and I’ve had the girls to myself for at least six years which may actually be three days. We’re doing really well and the girls have been extremely good and terribly funny but my, oh, my, how it does become clear we’ve created a child rearing partnership over here. I’m not sure the last time I put a pair of socks on those kids… until now.

2. I was Facebook creeping on some writers I enjoy and I was totally shocked to see they don’t look anything like what I pictured from their writing. I wasn’t disappointed, just surprised… and then immediately became freakishly concerned with what people who read this blog think I look like. Because that is an important piece of knowledge, right up there with ending world hunger and inventing the microwave.

3. I rassled (yes, “rassled”, not “wrestled”.) three puddles with baths and grooming today. Because, yes, I waited for three days before giving the dogs that bath I wrote about earlier this week. It became evident Lizard wasn’t going to bathe them when I recognized he wouldn’t be back for a few days. I’m brilliant like that. Anyway, it’s amazing how different a poodle looks when you can see their snout! My parent’s obnoxious dog is still obnoxious but at least she smells better.

4. I 100% hate the haircut I got two weeks ago and am in the market for a new stylist. I usually don’t care about my hair but we’re taking our Christmas photos at the end of the month and that’s the photo everyone will use to judge my lard baby, wrinkles, and gritted-teeth smiles for the next year. On the upside I realized I won’t need to get highlights because I’ve gathered enough gray hairs to add that “depth” naturally.

5. Jon Acuff wrote an excellent blog today with the stunning news his intimacy with his wife is in direct proportion to the amount of time he spends on his iPhone. Please, click on over there and check it out – it’s pure brilliance, that realization.

I’m guessing by now we’ve spent enough time in conversation to move on to the punch bowl or whatever at our fictitious party, so I’m going to wish you a good night and good bye.

What are the five random thoughts in your mind right now?? Go ahead… comment and let me know!

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One thought on “Party Talk

  • October 14, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    Five random thoughts…that’s not so easy. Random thoughts don’t just pop into my head anymore. I have to think about who I might hurt or offend.

    Here are five thing I think about often:
    1) When will I get a job? Will it be something I actually like, like my last job, or just a means to a paycheck?
    2) What should I do with the rest of my birthday money? Should I save it until I get Christmas money? Will I get Christmas money?
    3) Should I go ahead and get the pedicure I so desperately need or just let my feet look ugly?
    4) What am I going to do if my unemployment runs out before I get a job? (this one scares me a lot!)
    5) Should I buy a pair of shoes for job hunting this fall/winter?

    Love your blog!


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