Why It All Went Wrong

I don’t want to believe you care so much about StealingFaith.com that you check it obsessively or anything, but if by chance you do visit on a regular basis you know my world stopping turning last night.


The website went down.


Worse, it was all my fault.


I decided to migrate to a new host and, being that I don’t have a degree in information systems and such and pretty much think technology is just a fad and I may as well be prepared for the frontier lifestyle forever, I bungled it up.


And the site went down.


This morning I talked to my sister, who did receive the technology gene in the family, and she told me what I was experiencing would not get better with time.


And I began to hyperventilate.


But the time I got in touch with the customer support of my new host I was flushed and ready to cry.


He handled me very well. I didn’t have to cry and the site is now up.


Now begins the process of discovering how to use the site on this new platform and I hope you’ll be patient and not make me cry. I’ll do my best not to make you cry either.


Thanks for your understanding! Don’t forget to read, rate and comment on my book, Badonkadonk: and other things that make you blush over at authonomy.com. Have a great day, y’all!

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