3 Simple Questions: Parenting by TentBlogger

John Saddington, TentBlogger

I’m always on a quest to make a big world smaller, and I figure you’re all for that as well. I’ve been asking people I think are pretty cool three simple questions so I can introduce them to you and their awesomeness can rub off on us all.


Can’t wait, can you?!


First up is John Saddington, of TentBlogger. John’s got a pretty sweet gig lined up as a guy who can make websites do ah-maaaazing things. His site has been incredibly helpful to me as I work on StealingFaith.


Last week he gave me a glimpse into his family vacation and it inspired me to ask him 3 Simple Questions about parenting.


1. What’s the grossest thing that’s ever happened to you as a parent? “I swallowed my daughter’s vomit. That was awesome.” Any man who has swallowed a child’s vomit has got to win major cojones points from any rational human being, as well as a sympathy “get out of jail” card. Agreed?


2. What’s the sweetest thing that’s ever happened to you as a parent? “[There are] tons! The sweetest thing right now is my youngest saying “I wuv ooooo!” when I leave the house.” Awwww….


3. Is there a blog post that represents the work you do best?http://tentblogger.com/series/ <~~~ great series on things that will help most bloggers!”


I can guarantee you will learn from TentBlogger posts, so if you’re inclined to do your own blog/website, make sure TentBlogger is on your favorites list.


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