“Me Likee!” Link Up – January 2013

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“Me Likee” Link Up

Here, in one glorious place, a list of the links that have thrilled, tickled, and generally taunted my thinking in the last weeks!


If you have your own interesting articles, please provide the links in the comments! Enjoy!


1. The Three Most Vicious Lies About Celery: This hilarious article from Gawker made me laugh as I chewed my own celery sticks!


2. Want to Tell the State to Stick It? Homeschool Your Kids: Forbes published an interesting article about homeschooling. I particularly like this quote: This notion that the children belong to the state, that their education must be provided for by the state … is inimical at every step to liberty.” – J. Gresham Machen


3. Rabbit Legends: Since I’ve become obsessed with rabbit rearing, I’ve spent some time surfing the internet for the best practices and most misunderstood aspects of the furry critters. This blog post of things that shouldn’t ever happen – but do! – fascinates me. Especially the concurrent pregnancy part – can’t even begin to imagine!


4. Morgan Spurlock’s 30 Days – Living on Minimum Wage: I would like to believe the people hurting economically in this country are suffering because of their own foolishness. This article highlights the fallacy of that line of thinking and motivates me to do my best to practically help the people around me whenever possible.


5. Modern Parenting May Hinder Brain Development: Another article on the evils of helicopter parenting! It seems it’s good for kids to have to reason things out on their own – imagine that!


6. We are Raising a Generation of Deluded Narcissists: This article examines the ways our culture feeds our desire to be important… and I found the insight chilling. What do you think?


7. Dave Barry’s Year in Review 2012: I love Dave Barry. Really! His writing style and humor make me chuckle. In fact, every time it snows I remember his observation about life in the Dakotas and literally laugh out loud while repeating, “Whupwhupwhup” to myself. When I read his assessment of 2012 it, of course, made me happy, happy, happy!


8. What Duck Commander is Really Selling: My favorite show, period, is Duck Dynasty. I am completely freaked out by the absurdity of their facial hair and charmed beyond belief by the quirkiness of this family! I watch each episode, wondering if a small rodent will emerge from Uncle Si’s beard and if Miss Kay’s going to finally tell her family she wants a non-camouflaged fabric in her life. Reading this post helped me realize a little more I love about this show.


9. Why “Mom” Is the Most Significant Job Title You Will Ever Have: You know those days when you really need a boost as a parent? Why you have peanut butter in your eyebrows and someone else’s snot on your pants leg? Yeah. I have those days. And when I do, posts like this one give me strength to carry on.


10. “Help? Anybody!”: I have saved the best for last. If you don’t click through any of these links, please, please, please! Read This One! It’s a confession of a childhood misdemeanor and I laughed so hard tears were streaming down my cheeks while I clutched my stomach!


Now it’s your turn – which of these did you like the most? What are the best articles you’ve read this month? Share in the comments!



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