Impossible Polenta

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In keeping with the food theme of the blog this week, I made the worst family dinner of my life tonight. It was so bad, in fact, that my daughter said she wished she could eat salt instead.


Because salt is certain to fill her up.


I’m not certain what went wrong with the dinner except it appears we aren’t adventurous enough as a family to handle the Sautéed Mushroom Polenta with Eggs Emeals suggested for this week. I ended up with a frying pan full of polenta that could double as paint spackle and four children crying at the dinner table.


Them’s the breaks, kids, them’s the breaks.


Despite tonight’s culinary faux pas, I’m glad that we’re doing Emeals again. If you’re not familiar with the program, you can sign up for weekly menus. They tailor the recipes for the national discounts given at grocery stores, so you end up saving money and getting a nutritionally balanced meal plan that keeps you from having to think about anything!


This week we had four meals we’ve never seen before and tonight’s polenta will be going down in history but likely never resurfacing on our dinner table. In fact, when I told the kids it wasn’t my favorite, Uno lit up like a Christmas light and said, “Hallelujah! I prayed you would say we’d never have this again!”


I just thought I’d share for the people who feel like they’re horrible cooks. I never cook a meal where at least one of the kids won’t end up crying or complaining because they don’t like the food.


Them’s the breaks, kids, them’s the breaks. Ha!


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