H2O: Just Add Water

Do you remember when you really, truly believed you had magical powers?


I do.


I’m not talking about magical power of baking desserts, nursing and typing at the same time, or matching every single sock in the laundry pile. I mean the power to fly, or mind control, or travel through time.


I don’t know why I had such a powerful imagination, but the truth is I wandered through the hills behind our house well into my high school years, certain I was a lost princess with the ability to call wild animals to my assistance at any moment. There were so many variations of my story I can’t even begin to describe (and many of them were strangely influenced by the one episode of the original “V” I watched before it scared my silly and gave me nightmares) but the bottom line is I was a magical being on a temporary stay on Earth.


As an adult I’m a little bitter I didn’t get to keep my magical powers.


A good friend of mine grew up convinced if she ran fast enough she would be invisible! So she would put on her roller skates and rocket through her house, certain her mom could hear her but would never see her!


(Yep. She was homeschooled. Wink, wink.)


Well, around our house we’ve discovered a new television show. It called H2O: Just Add Water and is filmed in a place with accents (possibly Australia?). The plot line is three unlikely gals get turned into mermaids. Whenever water touches their skin within 10 seconds they grow mermaid tails and magically become glittery all over.


You can imagine the scrapes those mermaids get in to, trying to hide their condition from everyone else.


My children, yes, the four and five-year-old, they love it. And, though I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, I’ve gotten hooked, too!


I’ve started making comments to them in reference to the show and they’re eating it up. While getting ready to go grocery shopping this morning I asked them to get cleaned up.


“But be careful – don’t turn into a mermaid when you get wet!” I teased Uno and Dos.


“Mama! Of course we won’t turn into a mermaid!” Uno said. She actually rolled her eyes at me. Because she’s that cool and I’m not. “We don’t have any magical powers!”


I rolled my own eyes back at her and turned away to get socks and shoes on Tres. Then, I heard Dos add a little comment, almost under her breath, but filled with passion.




It was a little moment that grounded me firmly in love for my kiddos and the pure beauty of childish imagination. Yet opens the possibility for anything to happen. Yet changes the game plan, it says, “this is what I know is true now… but there’s more story left to be told…”




Here’s to hoping you have a chance to experience a yet magical moment today… and you grab it with both hands!

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