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For those who are new to StealingFaith, you’ll quickly learn I tend to write about whatever happens at any given moment.


But, as time marches by and I write day after day after dreary day… I’ve actually come to remember a few posts with fondness.  In fact, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy reading these more than, say, putting ground glass in your eyeball or driving cross-country with a colicky 4 month old.


Here’s my list of favorites… in no particular order and with no particular theme. I just giggle when I read them so I’m ready to spread the love.


Potty Note

Back Away From the Pregnant Lady

5 Things You Should Know BEFORE You Get Pregnant

50 All-American, All-Wacky Festivals You Should Attend


Ode to the Minivan

Words, Words, Words

Laundry Elves

How To Get Married In Six Months Or Less

Uno and the Poopy Feast


Change, Again

Dressing Room

Balloon Hunters

80 Lbs. of Meat

Bird’s Egg

Why I’m 1,063 In Dog Years

How Do You Know?

North Dakota: Oh, My Milky Terrapin Wonder

10 Tips For Marrying The Wrong Person

We Broke The Bed

Lustfully Loving You

Be A Commitment-Phobe. Please.

Hot Snot, Owl Pot

What’s In The Box?

Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up

There’s A Grenade Under My Bed

Ninja Potato Salad


Road Trip Tips

Going Natural

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