“Me Likee!” Link Up – October 2012

It’s October. I still like other people’s stuff.

I usually have many, many more links than I can fit in one “Me Likee” link up each month. However, in October I found I’m scrabbling for my normal ten.


This is a sign of sleep deprivation. Instead of staying up and reading fascinating articles each night, I have been passing out on the sofa, then staggering to bed to drool on my pillow, intellectual stimulation missing.


Blame the baby.


All is not lost, however. The links I have for this month are quality, fun, and awesome. Click on through – you’ll be glad you did!


1. 10 Lessons from Einstein. Einstein had quite a cool perspective – and this list of 10 life lessons makes me really, really happy. So happy I think I’ll go watch IQ and wallow in love for Walter Matthau, Meg Ryan, and Tim Robbins!


2. Ellen’s Scare Montage. I suppose the scare montage was created to honor Halloween, but regardless of the reasons, this little video makes me laugh really, really hard. Taylor Swift falls to the ground in terror… how can that not be awesome?!


3. Are Authors in their “Write” Minds? The short answer to this headline is, “No.” Authors, and all creative-types, have different brain activity from other humans. This post pulls together the research and offers encouragement and knowledge about our particular sickness. Bwa-ha-ha.


4. 15 Ways to Get Past an Awkward Moment. Seeing the dude fall down the stairs, get up, and walk off with pride is worth the view for this one. But wait – there are 14 other hilariously awkward interactions caught on tape. Funny, funny, funny.


5. Freezing Apples and What the Old Folks Taught Me. This month had me searching for apple recipes when three different apple trees rained their generosity upon my kitchen. My simple Google search for whether I could freeze my excess apples pulled this post – and some well-written wisdom. I guess mom knew what she was doing when she made those apple pies!


6. What Drives Editors Crazy. I love tips for beginners. For example, when you’re at a conference, always be cautious about your elevator conversation – you never know who might be cruising the Otis Elevator with you! This post covers some of the things that make an editor want to run with the Pamplona bulls. I will do my best to avoid them in the future!


7. Why We Vote for Liars. I don my best to encourage all StealingFaith readers to vote, without being to overbearing on who I think you should vote for. This post points out why Americans are permissive of lying on both sides of the aisle… and was an encouragement to me as I make my own election choices.


What were your favorite posts of the last month? Share in the comments so we can all enjoy them!


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Gut Busters!

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How many times have you laughed at a blog post so hard you accidentally drooled or snorted out loud?


I have. But I’d like to laugh some more!


With that in mind, here’s StealingFaith’s very first laughter link-up! Put your very favorite, funniest blog post links in… and let the laughter begin!



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“Me Likee!” Link Up – June

What are your favorite articles this month?

It’s time for the “Me Likee!” Link Up, where I put the posts that have challenged or motivated me in the last month in one place so you can enjoy them, as well!


Please share the links of articles that you “likee” in the comments – or your response to any of the ones I share!


1. Children Who Marry Their Parents: The Psychology of Courtship. James Watkins wrote this one and I think it’s a fascinating, revealing at how we choose our partners.


2. Why It’s Good to Ignore Children. In the face of the helicopter parenting so many of us get sucked into, I appreciate the perspective that highlights our children’s independence…  Right along that theme, there’s Stop Being a Micromanaging Mom. The most crazy quote from this article? “There’s almost a feeling that if you’re not worrying enough, there must be something wrong with you. Worrying feels like love.”


3. It’s Not the Recession, You Just Suck. The in-your-face approach of this article is startling, but also inspiring to those who believe hard work pays off.


4. 20 Things I Should Have Known at 20. Love this list! What do you think you should have known at 20?


5. 15 Things Wives Should Stop Doing. OK, not gonna lie, this article caused a “heated discussion” in our household, mostly because I felt like it was way too one-sided and didn’t give the husband responsibility or credit. It inspired my own post, 50 Little Nudges to get out of the Big Rut. BUT… this is a thought-provoking article, nonetheless.


6. Twitter Dynamos, Offering Word of God’s Love. I love seeing how ministries are using technology to connect. I was surprised at how far Twitter as a company will go to ensure their success…


7. Marriage is for Liars and Marriage and Scooby-Doo (and the freedom of mystery). Dr. Kelly Flanagan keeps writing these posts that hit me right between the eyes – I love them! Hope you do, too!


8. I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This. I laughed and laughed and laughed at this one! Oh, the walls we climb when we have children!


9. When Parents Fight, Kids Can Suffer. Ever wondered why the phrase “never let the sun go down on an argument” exists? Here’s some scientific proof of the damage of discord.


10. On Singleness. This post focused on the peace of being single – that challenges the communities around us. It’s great, it’s wise, I just have to share!


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3 Simple Questions: Writing by James Watkins

James Watkins, author, speaker, threat to society

I can’t remember exactly when I discovered James Watkins’ website, Hope and Humor,  but I can tell you it is a gift that just keeps giving!


Not only is the man hilarious and vaguely resembles a good-natured leprechaun, but he  inspires me! He has used his writing career as a way to approach taboo topics with humor, authenticity, and transparency. I’ve been privileged to sit in his seminars at writing conferences and used his book, Writing with Banana Peels: Principles, Practices, and Pratfalls of Writing with Humor, in my own college writing courses.


I bet you can imagine my excitement when he responded he’d be happy to answer 3 Simple Questions about Writing! It was like getting to sit down with a mentor and hero for dinner… and I hope you’ll head over to his web page to get to know him for yourself!


With no further ado, 3 Simple Questions:


1. What’s the grossest thing you’ve experienced as a writer? “Probably drinking a Zambian drink nicknamed “Chew If Ya Wanna.” It’s made of corn meal, bark and vinegar. I was reporting on the AIDS/HIV crisis there for World Hope. The things you do for a story! (Three weeks of Indian food while teaching writing in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Dehradun ranks right up there as well.)


2.  What’s the sweetest thing you’ve experienced as a writer? “An email from a distraught woman writing, ‘Your article [on suicide] saved my life tonight.’ Any time anyone writes that they’re been eternally changed by something I wrote is a sweet moment!”


3. What’s the most humbling thing you’ve experienced as a writer? “Just one? Probably sitting next to Frank Peretti at an autograph party in Seattle. He had a line back to Nebraska and was frantically scribbling “Frank” in his books. I had one or two in line at a time, so was writing little essays in the book: “Thank you for standing in my line so I don’t look like a complete loser. Oh, here comes someone else, so you can leave now.  3 John 2, Jim.'”


Bonus: What post do you think represents your writing best? “Hmmm? Maybe a piece I wrote when I was a weekly (weakly) columnist for three newspapers: http://www.jameswatkins.com/intolerance.htm


Now’s your chance to start stalking James Watkins, the author, speaker, and threat to society yourself!


Website: www.jameswatkins.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ipastor52

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jameswatkinscom


Have you seen the other 3 Simple Questions respondents? Don’t miss them!

3 Simple Questions: Parenting by Tentblogger

3 Simple Questions: College by Kikolani

3 Simple Questions: Parenting by Melyssa Williams


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“Me Likee!” Link Up

What posts have you liked lately?

Don’t know if you all have noticed, but there are some GREAT posts floating around the great World Wide Web these days!


I am a tab-opener junkie. On any given day I probably read about 20 posts of interest. I just open a new tab and leave it open until I get around to reading it. This makes my husband cringe and my computer run slower than necessary, but it works for me.


I suddenly realized if I’m asking you guys to share the posts here on StealingFaith that make you laugh or cry, it’s about time I shared the posts I’m thinking about as well.


So, correct grammar and spelling go by the wayside and I’m instituting the “Me Likee!” Link Up of posts that are stellar. Please feel free to add your own recent favorites in the comment section!


1. 50 Rules for Dads of Daughters. This one made me tear up more than once. You’ll love it, whether you’re a dad or not!


2. Where is the Mommy War for the Motherless Child? That Time cover challenging whether moms are really “good” if they aren’t attachment parenting, well, it started a firestorm. This post, though, was an amazing twist that struck home!


3. When You Want to Quit, I Think You Should. I cannot even tell you the number of times I have wanted to through homeschooling under the bus this past year. This author gives you permission to do so… and encouragement to keep going!


4. A Father’s Day Wish: Dads… Wake the Hell Up! Yes, I know, there’s profanity in the title. (Cover your ears and say a prayer for his salvation.) The author is trying to get his point across and there’s nothing like one dude taking other dudes to task… great read.


5. How To Miss A Childhood. Oh! This post has haunted me! I can guarantee you’ll be reading my perspective on this before too long because I have had a relationship with my computer… a very, very close relationship with it. I’ve called my little Macbook Air one of my children and I’d do most anything to save it if we had a fire. But what have I missed in my communion with the laptop?


6. Return to Mystery. Too many of our churches try to condense an unknowable, awesome God into five sermon points in 45 minutes. I loved this post on accepting God is God, by definition incomprehensible, and the mystery is part of the joy of faith!


7. For the Mother Who Fears Failure. Ann Voskamp’s post regarding Mother’s Day made me cry. She is able to write amazingly real things without being raw. It’s just a great post!


8. The Real Reason They Still Play “Mrs. Robinson” on the Radio. As someone who has had a relationship with journalism, I’m terribly concerned about the state of media in our country. This post highlighted some of my major concerns — and will likely surprise you!


9. Debt: The New Financial Painkiller. Our goal these days is to be debt-free. We recognize this is a long-term goal (those mortgages and student loans don’t just disappear because you’re tired of paying them off!) but it’s still the direction we’re going. We’re a bit counter-culture with our debt-free movement… every time I go shopping I’m offered the chance to open a credit account with the store! This post might influence your thinking about why Americans are flirting with financial impoverishment on a daily basis.


10. Marriage is for Losers. We watched American Chopper tonight and saw Paul Jr. & Paul Sr. take each other on. Both of them wanted reconciliation, neither of them was willing to set any pride aside as a way toward compromise. Marriage can be like that. A very, very good reason to read this post!


Bonus link: Lyrics to Laura Story’s Blessings. So, so beautiful!


Hope you enjoy these posts… and I’d really love to read the ones that have tickled you! Please share the links in the comments!


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Link Up – Top 10 Articles/Websites!

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These days, I often wake up in the wee hours of the night.


Sometimes I have something on my mind that needs prayer and quiet time, others I simply have to answer the call of nature. Whatever the reason may be,  I usually end up finding a few interesting news stories before I head back into solemn slumber.


Here are the top ten articles and websites I’ve discovered recently:


1. 3 Day Potty Training: A dear friend turned me on to this and we are now on Day 2 of this method with Tres. Yesterday she had three accidents and five successes. Today she had seven successes and one accident. I think that’s progress! We’ll see how tomorrow goes.


2. Once A Month Mom: I’ve been toying with the idea of freezer cooking for awhile now. I haven’t committed to it, but the idea of spending one solid day cooking, then freezing food for a month is appealing to me. I like my crock pot… and I like the ease of throwing something frozen in the crock pot and ending up with a yummy meal a few hours later even more. This is the best organized website I’ve found so far in my research.


3. Blog Post Planner: This printable worksheet for scheduling your blog posts and writing came through my inbox today. I love it! (Although using it would require me to actually plan my posts. Hm…) It’s pretty, it’s free, what’s not to adore? The site has a bunch of printables for young kiddos, too.


4. Random Item Identification: Many times my words fail me and I end up calling things doo-hickies or thingy-ma-bobs. In fact, my Christmas present last year was the cord that connected my Mac laptop to the PC overhead projector in my classroom. I’m sure it had a name but I called it the “dongle” and dongle it has remained. Anyway, this article has the actual names of 25 items we never know what to call. And it’s an AWESOME use of five minutes to read!


5. How Men Feel About Working Mothers: This article explored the reasons workplaces may be hostile to working mothers. It was fascinating in and of itself, but reading the comments on the article was even more illuminating.


6. Timehop: Have you ever wondered how much life has changed in the past year? Timehop is a new website that accesses your Facebook status updates and Twitter tweets from one year ago and delivers them to your inbox each morning. I’ve been enjoying my blasts from the past, especially the quotes from the girls I’ve reported! Example, today’s was, “Dos: “Today was AWFUL! Because… because… Owen KISSED me!!!”


7. How to Help A Grieving Family: As a culture, our comfort level with death and grief is waning. This article gives practical advice on how you can really help a family that is going through a loss. There are enough suggestions there that something could fit your personal style… and it helps you avoid that helpless, “I care but I have no idea what to do!”-feeling.


8. Pregnancy Links: Two articles centered around the pregnancy and first months of a baby’s life: Does ‘on-demand’ breastfeeding boost IQ? and How the First Nine Months Shape the Rest of Your Life. Again, these were just interesting reads!


9. 8 Uses for Yogurt Containers:If you’re like me, every container that comes in my house has to be carefully evaluated for alternative use. The individual coffee creamer cups? Stools for our pretend fairy friends invited to a tea. Pickle jars? Excellent storage for sourdough bread starter. I haven’t messed with yogurt cups for awhile… but after reading this – I will!


10. Get Rich Slowly: I subscribed to this blog several months ago and I like its practical approach to money, as well as the real-life stories the readers submit.


Hope you enjoy them – and if you have your own, share the love and post the links in the comments!


*If you like this post, would you please share it with your “tribe” via email, facebook, twitter, etc.?*


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